Glow in the dark camels: only in Oman!

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Camels in Oman cause the deaths of an average 41 people a year on the roads, contributing to six% of all traffic deaths in the sultanate. Oman has the second highest number of road accidents in the GCC after Saudi Arabia. The last five-year average shows 683 people die every year from an average of 4,612 accidents annually.

Now, in an effort to reduce camel-related road accidents, police are warning owners that they must fit luminous straps onto the backs of their animals when they are outside of their home compounds or face prosecution.

A rule issued by the Royal Oman Police’s traffic department on Tuesday, says camels found on streets without luminous straps will be impounded, while their owners could face up to 15 days in prison or a 500 rial fine (Dh4,930) depending on the severity of the offense.

Source Credit: The National
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