Gold price hike in Bahrain

Gold rates surging due to rising tensions in Middle East.
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The price of 21-carat gold in the local market rose to 15.47 dinars per gram during Tuesday’s trading, compared to 14.06 dinars per gram in February, with an increase of 10.02%.

The price of 24-carat gold rose to 17.68 dinars per gram during yesterday’s trading, compared to 16.07 dinars in February 2019, an increase of 10.01%.

In the details of prices of 21-carat gold during the past week, last Wednesday it was recorded 15.61 dinars per gram which declined the following day to 15.54 dinars, then declined again on Friday very slightly to 15.53 dinars, and again declined to 15.51 on Saturday to settle on the same price on Sunday, and finally begins declining on Monday to 15.44 dinars per gram.

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As for the 24-carat gold, it recorded 17.84 dinars per gram on November 20, which declined last Thursday to 17.76 dinars, and then declined significantly to 17.74 dinars the next day, and declined further on Saturday to 17.72 dinars per gram and settled at the same price last Sunday , while it recorded 17.65 dinars last Monday.


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