Gold Prices Rise in Bahrain

Rise in gold price.
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Gold prices in Bahrain have risen for 24-carat gold to 18.08 dinars by 0.67%, compared to 17.96 dinars coinciding with the growth in the prices of the yellow metal globally.

The price of 22-carat gold rose by 0.67% to 16.57 dinars, compared to 16.46 dinars, while 21-carat gold grew by 0.70% to 15.82 dinars, compared to 15.71 dinars.

By 06:01 GMT, spot gold rose 0.3% to $ 1,490.30 an ounce, reaching the highest levels since November 7 at $ 1,490.75.

Gold is heading towards achieving the best annual performance since 2010, increasing by 16%, mainly due to the 17-month customs dispute that led to turmoil in the global financial markets.


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