Gold robbery: Four men sentenced

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Manama: The four men who were referred to the public prosecutor for action after being held for gold robbery worth BD13,000 have now been sentenced by the court.

The General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science had arrested four Asians who allegedly assaulted Rajnikanth Fichadia, 59, owner of the World Jewellers, and robbed gold ornaments worth BD13,000 in April last year.

“The Public Prosecution charged them but there isn’t still any clue as to what happened to our ornaments that were worth BD13,000. We did ask the police about the gold but all they told us was some amount of money was found in the bag but not the gold,” said Rajesh Rajnikant, son of Rajnikanth Fichadia.

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DT News had reported that four unidentified Asians assaulted the owner of World Jewellers in Manama before they decamped with the jewellery.

Source Credit: DT News


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