Google Chrome Extensions That Will Help You Optimize Your Time and Productivity

Introduced in 2008, Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers in the world today. Over time Chrome has added several extensions that offer numerous functionalities to users.

Chrome offers a wide range of extensions that can make work hassle-free. Exitance of these extensions has made Google’s browser a highly personalised experience for users.

Here’s a look at some of the most useful extensions on Google Chrome.

Checker Plus

For all those who want to keep their calendars handy while browsing the internet or doing some heavy-duty work online, this can be a great extension. Checker Plus lets you view upcoming events, get meeting notifications and reminders, and snooze events – all that without opening the Google Calendar page. According to the developers of this application, Checker Plus is 100 times more powerful than regular calendar extensions.


Remembering passwords can be quiet a hassle. LastPass is a password manager that will let you save and give secure access to all your passwords from your mobile and computer devices. Users can also save their credit card details in a secure vault which the extension will automatically access to fill in your details. LastPass also alerts users about weak and reused passwords and offers ways for users to improve them. LastPass account is protected using multi-factor authentication.


With this extension, recording your screen and camera is as simple as a single click. Loom is used by individuals and organizations around the world to capture their screens and stay connected and makes recording product demos, giving feedback, or sharing thoughts easy. Users can record videos in 720p, 1080p, 1440p, or 4K HD formats using Loom. The extension also automatically saves videos to the cloud and shares links with the user almost instantly.


Composing a formal e-mail or writing your research paper, an accessible language tool can help in multiple ways. Grammarly not only helps in enhancing your written communication, but it also improves your language skills. Adding the extension can offer you grammar check, spell check, and even the correct pronunciations of words. The tool analyses your sentences and colour-codes words and phrases that can be improved. It has become an indispensable tool to check for spelling errors.

Toggl Track

When swamped with back-to-back deadlines, one thing that may help you focus better is putting a timer on tasks. Toggl Track lets you prevent spending too much time on one task. The extension offers real-time productivity tracking by letting users add a timer to any web tool. It is one of the best online tools that allow users to track time and analyse their productivity.


This is an ideal tool for aspiring writers. According to the developers, HyperWrite lets users write 10 times faster, and enhance blog posts, emails, and copies. This extension offers word and phrase suggestions to finish sentences, based on the context of the text. The AI-backed tool lets users write almost anything in a matter of minutes. While Grammarly takes care of the syntax mostly, HyperWrite is more like an intelligent writing partner.

Today, several tools can efficiently record videos and live streaming. Gone are the days when one was required to sit and closely listen to the audio to transcribe. Backed by the power of AI, helps users transcribe and caption virtual meetings in real-time. The Chrome extension of the application lets users save transcripts to their account. So far, it is among the most efficient live transcription applications. It is available in English across platforms such as Zoom, Android, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Android, and iOS.

Print Friendly & PDF

This application lets users save paper and ink. The tool removes ads, navigation panes, and extra space before printing. Printer Friendly optimises the page and adds to the overall reading experience. Users get to edit the pages before printing, essentially removing unnecessary images and changing text size.


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