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Government Reduces Spending On Foreign Salaries, Invests In Training Bahraini Workers

The Bahraini Ministry of Finance and National Economy has announced a reduction in government spending on foreign salaries, cutting over 20 million dinars in recent years. This reduction is expected to continue in future budgets as the government focuses on training and employing Bahraini citizens.

This strategic policy adjustment is borne out of a harmonious concord between the government and parliamentary members, aimed at bolstering the budget for the Bahrain Teachers College. The tangible result of this enhanced funding has been a remarkable tripling in the number of Bahraini graduates emerging from the institution, poised to serve their nation in the educational sector.

Moreover, the Ministry has cast a spotlight on ongoing initiatives designed to train and replace foreign workers with Bahrainis across various governmental domains, with particular emphasis on nursing. This programme is crafted to equip Bahraini citizens with the requisite skills and qualifications, enabling them to step into roles that were traditionally occupied by foreign nationals.

In a detailed memorandum addressed to the Council of Representatives’ Committee on Financial and Economic Affairs, the Ministry sought to allay concerns regarding the observed decrease in recurrent expenditures in the 2023 budget relative to the previous year. It elucidated that the rise in recurrent expenses during 2022 was predominantly attributable to substantial allocations for social support schemes and emergency outlays necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Turning to the matter of diminished revenues in the first half of the fiscal year 2023 as compared to 2022, the Ministry attributed this decline to a 15% drop in global oil prices over the course of 2023.


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