Govt. to cancel kafala?

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Agovernment committee entrusted with studying the cancellation of the kafala (sponsorship) system is forging ahead to find a solution that will protect the rights of both employers and employees, achieve public interest, and preserve Kuwait’s human rights image.

Sources say that the government ministry is currently considering a proposal to make the government sponsor all private sector employees and regulate employer-employee relations through contracts to be signed by both sides, with the manpower authority as the sponsor.

The new contract will allegedly protect employees’ rights, namely financial ones, by mandating remittances through local banks in order to document the process in case of disputes. The study is still subject to discussions at the committee and other relevant ministries in order to help regulate expats’ residencies, the demographic structure, setting special quotas per nationality, preventing these quotas from increasing and preventing all kinds of manipulation and tampering with residency laws.


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