Great Wall Motors Hosts Investor Day 2023 in China

A selected group of foreign investors from 300 key dealers in 32 countries participated in the GWM Investor Day 2023 held in Baoding, Hebei Province. Themed as “Go Long. Go with the World,”, the summit underscores GWM’s goals for global openness and collaboration.

Parker Shi, VP of GWM and Head of GWM International, gave the opening speech, discussing GWM’s long-term development strategy and commitment to global collaboration, with aims to promote a global industrial layout by prioritising R&D, production, sales, and services and partnering with global investors to achieve co-creation and sharing.

Julien Wang, Chief Technology Officer of GWM, introduced GWM’s strong global R&D strength and the company’s intelligent development layout to investors; Shujie Meng, Chief Production Officer of GWM, shared the advantages and highlights of the company’s global layout with investors from the perspective of production and supply.

During the meeting, GWM’s CTO, Julien Wang, highlighted the company’s global R&D capabilities and development strategy, while the Chief Production Officer, Shujie Meng, discussed the benefits and key features of their global production and supply network.

During the summit, GWM presented their various market strategies, which included brand-specific localization and fostering user-enterprise cooperation as highlighted by Yanzhao Liu, CEO of GWM Tank Brand with plans to expand their presence in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The company plans to achieve international corporate growth by collaborating with local dealers and utilizing long-term strategies within a global ecological framework. Their aim is to provide customized products and services to meet the specific needs of each market, while maintaining competitiveness with the support of investors.

Shangfeng She, VP of GWM and Head of GWM Digitalization, highlighted the significance of digital transformation in the production and sales process during the summit. She showcased GWM’s new accomplishments in the field of digital intelligence development and expressed the objective of achieving industrial co-creation through data interconnection.

The global digital smartness strategy of GWM, supported by international resources, helps with their operational efficiency and delivers substantial value to their partners, further strengthening their collaborative relationship with investors.


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