Gulf Air: Only 1% of Passengers Affected Due To Cancellation Of Services

gulf air
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Gulf Air is committed to and will always prioritise the highest standards of passenger service, said Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gulf Air Zayed Al Zayani.

He pointed out that Gulf Air has stood for diligence, competence and excellence throughout its long history, and underscored the national carrier’s commitment to enhancing the efficient operation of the company’s modern fleet by continuing to hire and train Bahraini pilots.

Speaking on Gulf Air’s manpower levels which includes 362 pilots, he said the carrier has hired 18 pilots who will be joining in March and April. He added that only five pilots tendered their resignations in February.

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With regard to the cancellation of flights, Mr Al Zayani said the company swiftly dealt with the reasons behind the recent cancellation of flights, which did not exceed 2% of the company’s February flights and only affected 1pc of Gulf Air passengers.

Gulf Air has launched a training program for 60 Bahraini pilots, 40 of which have already joined the national carrier, and the 20 others are currently completing their training, the minister added.

Pakistan flights In another development, Gulf Air confirmed that all flights to and from Pakistan have been cancelled due to the closure of Pakistani air space.

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All passengers flying to/from Pakistan have been advised to contact Gulf Air’s Worldwide Contact Centre on 00973- 17373737 before proceeding to the airport.

On Wednesday, the flights from and to Lahore, Multan and Islamabad were cancelled and all passengers would be transferred to next available flights when the air space opens again, the carrier said in a statement issued.

“The airline will reassess the situation at 3 pm Bahrain time and will update passengers regarding flights operating today,” the statement added.

Source: DT News


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