Gulf Countries Will Start Working At Night By 2040

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Climate scientists have predicted that people in Gulf states will work at night in the summer of 2040 because temperatures will rise up to 60 degrees Celsius during peak hours in the daytime which will virtually make the movement of people impossible, according to research currently underway, reports Al-Rai daily.

A number of climate scientists participated in the symposium ‘Climate Change in the Gulf States … Implications, Risks and Preparedness’, which was established by the Center for Gulf Studies in the Arabian Peninsula at Kuwait University yesterday.

“The climate changes that have started to emerge in the last 80 years have emerged because of man’s abuse of natural resources in an insane and selfish manner, as if the earth was created for this generation and after this generation nears its end, the land will be destroyed with it,” said Professor of Climate Change Dr Abdullah Al-Misnad from the Department of Geography at Al-Qassim University.

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“The human after the industrial revolution began to release greenhouse gases, and in turn these gases started to block the heat radiated by the surface of the Earth and therefore we have a climate change,” he added.

He went to say “the earth is tired, but if the man does not deal with this, the consequences will be severe for humans, animals, plants, seas and even the inanimate.” He added that “if we put together the abuses committed by all the Arab countries of the planet, the environment is not equivalent to what Britain threw into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases.

The same is true for the Earth’s exhaustion by China, as well as the United States, as these two countries have refused to sign international agreements to stop or reduce these toxic gases.” He stressed that “the Arab countries and the Gulf States suffer from this problem, in addition to the problem of water scarcity.

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The Gulf people are the first in the world in the process of desalination of the sea water, as we do not have rivers or rain and we have a significant drain on groundwater.” He stressed that “the scientists predict that at the end of this century the average temperature will rise by one and a half, and in another scenario that is expected to rise by 6 degrees Celsius.

“In the year 2040, the Gulf will go to their pools at night, sleep in the open because the air-conditioning units will not be able to withstand the 60 degrees Celsius in the summer,” Al-Misnad predicted. “Climate change starts from the surface of the earth, whether normal or abnormal, whether due to weathering or erosion,” said Dr Seif Al- Buraibah, a professor of seismology at the Faculty of Science.

Source: Arab Times

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