Gulf Insider flew Cathay Pacific for a long weekend to Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is one of those special places that you should – if you can – visit at least once in your life.

It’s vibrant, colourful, often chaotic, and always intriguing.

We flew there for a long weekend last month on Cathay Pacific Business Class from Bahrain, which includes a brief stopover in Dubai. Total flight time from Bahrain including the stopover is ten hours, and flying Cathay gave us access to the Gulf Air lounge pre-flight.

Onboard the modern Boeing 777 Dreamliner we enjoyed a delicious meal served by Cathay’s legendary aircrew, watched one of the latest Hollywood movies, and later we reclined our seats into flatbeds, enabling us to sleep comfortably for a few hours.

We decided to give breakfast a miss, preferring an extra forty minutes sleep time before landing, but the Cathay crew ensured we had steaming fresh coffee and croissants before we landed for energy.

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Hong Kong is five hours ahead of Bahrain (four hours ahead of Dubai), but thanks to Cathay Pacific’s flatbed, and the excitement of being in Hong Kong, we felt no jet lag.

Hong Kong’s international airport is one of the most impressive in the world. Entering is easy – queuing at immigration is kept to a minimum, and no need for visas or any entry payment; just show your passport and you’re in!

On the return leg, we spent a satisfying 90 minutes before the flight in Cathay Pacific Lounge enjoying noodles and champagne. This airline is not just highly regarded for the quality of service in the air, but also in their Business and First Class lounges.

The Pier is Cathay Pacific’s largest lounge in Hong Kong International Airport, with key features being: The Noodle Bar –serving fresh and made-to-order dishes, such as dan dan and wonton noodles The Teahouse – where a superior tea experience awaits. You’ll find seasonal and artisanal tea varieties, served by fine tea specialists The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga – the first dedicated yoga and meditation space at Hong Kong International Airport – and the perfect place to stretch, relax, and rejuvenate body and mind Having eaten so well, we declined the delicious food offerings and movie watching on our return flight, deciding instead to recline our seats into flatbeds and getting a good night’s sleep. It paid off because when we landed back in Bahrain just before 9 am we felt refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

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