Gulf Insider meets Abdulla Binhindi, Rashed AlAraifi, Ahmed AlMannai, Founders of Shepherd Design Studio Co WLL

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How is the award related to your business?

Our business is a multi-disciplinary design practice, which aims to provide creative schemes ranging from architectural, spatial, digital, and product based outcomes. The backbone of our practice is architectural design, while other experimental projects are prevalent. As a start up based in Bahrain, we plan to give back and add value to the human experience in all aspects. We believe everything we design in-turn designs and shapes us, our behaviour, and society as whole.

What factors contributed to your achievement in the 4th Edition of Bahrain Award for entrepreneurship?

Our diverse portfolio of work, as well as our philosophy to innovate are the driving factors behind our achievement in this year’s edition of the Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship. It was an entrepreneurial spirit which pushed us to innovate, proving our abilities to both the private and public sectors and showing various entities how our practice can add value. As such, we take pride in our current portfolio which has demonstrated our contribution to Bahrain’s urban fabric since our inception within a span of 2-3 yearswith the Dive Bahrain master plan by adding value to tourism and marine life, with the Manama souq masterplan in reviving cultural heritage, and with other projects from our practice. Another factor which contributed to our achievement would be our philosophy of ‘constructive deconstruction’. An example of this can be displayed through ‘<mat’ a product designed by our studio which was launched at Saudi Design Week, one of MENA’s largest and successful design expos. <mat is Shepherd’s reinterpretation of the Islamic prayer mat, with an aim to add value to the existing prayer mat model by using 51% less material than typical mats.

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What do you believe are the elements for success in your business?

As individuals who create on a daily basis, innovation is a constant variable engraved in our operations. As such, we continuously encourage unorthodox ambition whilst simultaneously maintaining logical reasoning. A combination of team work, intelligence, optimism, enthusiasm, and creativity are the ingredients in which we work with.


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