Gulf Insider meets Mr. Ahmed Abdulhameed Alawadhi, Founder of Doctori Online Services

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Tell us about the factors contributing to your achievement in the 4th Edition of Bahrain Award for entrepreneurship.

To be honest, the competition was tough. However, what made us stand out was the fact that our product intends to revolutionise the healthcare system in Bahrain. Doctori Online Services is the first and only licensed telemedicine platform (by the National Health Regulatory Authority) that allows patients to speak to doctors via video consultations for non-urgent medical advice. The beauty of Doctori is that its vision is closely aligned with the vision of the Bahraini Ministry of Health; creating a digitalized healthcare system.

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Why did you choose this particular business?

Because seeing doctors was a huge issue during our time studying in the United Kingdom. It was extremely difficult and expensive to see a doctor for students or patients in general to see doctors for non-urgent matters. If we solve this issue, we would solve a huge problem and eventually change the conventional habit of going to the hospital/clinic to see a doctor. Patients will be able to speak to doctors while laying on their couch, from the comfort of their homes.

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Do you have any message for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Never wait for your product to be perfect to jump into a new market. Today, Doctori is only 5% of the real vision. If we wait for it to be 100% we might wait until the year 2025, or customers might not accept the 100% Doctori as its too overwhelming. Jump into the market, make mistakes, pivot from ideas that are not working and always remember to keep the vision alive and to keep having faith in Allah.


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