Gulf Insider meets Ms. Nahla Almahmood, Founder of LalaBella Events

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Tell us about the factors contributing to your achievement in the 4th Edition of Bahrain Award for entrepreneurship?

LalaBella was born with a vision to become a trend setter and one of the leading events and flower companies in Bahrain which we achieved in a short period of time compared to our competitors, and our potential to go beyond the local market. Nonetheless, our technology driven plans which make our business plan unique in our sector. Our corporate social responsibility towards the community and the support we have given to other entrepreneurs and startups have given us the advantage to become a local company with international vision from community to the community.

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What are the elements for success in your business?

I believe in the power of teamwork, and without the team who are behind LalaBella we were not going to aim to the stars. We have faced many challenges to define our elements of success, and we still do, but the continuous research and development have given us a competitive advantage.

Do you have any message for aspiring entrepreneurs?

My motto has always been “when there is a will, there is a way”. No entrepreneur was handed his success on a golden platter. Entrepreneurs go through a roller coaster of extreme ups and downs with a-lot of determination and commitment to sustain their businesses and continue this rewarding journey. The beauty of this path, is that it has strengthened my driving force towards growing my business, continuously improving it, along with giving back to the community.

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