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Gulf Insider meets Shaikha Latifa Mohammed Al-Khalifa, Founder of Clever Play Education and Training

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How is the award related to your business?

Clever Play aims, among other things, to bridge the skills and gender gap in STEM/STEAM academic and professional achievement. The award echoes a resonating message of support for the relevance, timeliness and impact of our educational mission. I hope little girls and the youth gain inspiration from knowing that the entrepreneurial journey is open to women as much as men.

What do you believe are the elements for success in your business?

We care deeply both about the quality and constant upgrade of our services as well as the connectedness with which we nurture our relationship with those we serve. The underlying message is that education is organic and transformative and that real-life skill-building is a life-long endeavour, not a one-time engagement. That is why we involve the entire village, so to speak – parents, educators, cross-sectoral players so that learners can get on a pathway for STEAM learning in an ecosystem that supports continuing exploration based on one’s inclinations and natural talents.

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Why did you choose this particular business?


I was particularly drawn to the widening gap between traditional methods in education and real-world skills requirements. As of 2017, only 20% of Bahrainis are pursuing degrees in STEM. Looking at overall student population in higher level education, 60% are girls; yet not even 10% of them are pursuing STEM fields. I saw the great need for action in this space. I would like to make a meaningful difference and impact by creating a pipeline of high-tech talents in Bahrain. We are working towards turning children from consumers of technology to creators and makers of technology by equipping and inspiring them with STEM and tech skills.

What makes your business different from the other similar businesses in the sector?

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We are working to uniquely address the challenges at hand by practicing learning outside the book and training skills in view of college and career readiness. Since our beginnings in 2018, we have impacted over 13,000 learners. Our programs are gaining significant traction. Our current reach logged 62% increase from 2018. Our 2019 summer camps alone reached over 1,200 children in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. We have established 40+ partnerships with schools, NGOs, government entities and corporates inside and outside Bahrain. In addition, we are starting a social movement to build a STEAM learning ecosystem in Bahrain and beyond. We aim to organize collective action towards promoting STEM literacy and the maker culture, which includes leadership and entrepreneurship. Our value chain is deepening and expanding. We are mission-focused and socially driven.



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