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Gulf Insider talks to Ms. Abby Saadeh, Principal of the Canadian School Bahrain

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In this episode of Education_Bh, Gulf Insider talks to Ms. Abby Saadeh, Principal of the Canadian School Bahrain. The interview focuses on the student-centered approach of the school and answers the following questions:

  • When did the CSB start and currently which grades does the school offer?
  • How strong are the Arabic and Islamic subjects at the CSB?
  • What do you mean by the ‘student-centered’ approach?
  • How do you assess the students’ progress?
  • What is the registration process and till when are admissions open?
  • How has the school stayed connected with parents and students through this period?
  • Now that schools are set to reopen in September, what precautions and measures has the school taken?
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