Gulf states “fed up” with Qatar’s double standards

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Analysts in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries have attributed the strong angry reaction to Qatar’s attitudes recently to the fact they are fed up with its double standards, creepy mirror games and cloak-and-dagger secrecy.

“We have the distinct feeling that Qatar is not sincere in dealing with the other countries in the Gulf and with Arabs in general,” Mohammad Jaber, an analyst, said. Jaber said that Bahrain, for instance, had to put up with “cascades of lies and allegations from Al Jazeera English against Bahrain under various excuses”.

Social media users joined the chorus of anger against Doha’s attitudes and displayed on various online platforms secret conversations recorded in the late 1990s that exposed Qatar’s cloak-and-dagger behaviour and intent to weaken Saudi Arabia in a strategy that sought to combine groundless revenge with far-fetched ambition.

On Wednesday, the Saudi daily Okaz wrote: “Rather than trying to repair GCC relations, Qatar’s political deficiency and inferiority complex moved it towards confrontation with the GCC by challenging Saudi Arabia for the title of the leader of the Arab nations.”



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