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Hackers Target WhatsApp Users In Saudi Arabia

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WhatsApp users in Saudi Arabia have witnessed a rise in cases of hacking.

The problem begins when users receive messages from one of their contacts requesting a code to join a group or a copy of the ATM card to deposit an amount of money, without realizing that they are communicating directly with a hacker.

Once the hacker receives this code, he can easily use the victim’s device, send messages to his contact list and ask for money transfers. The only solution, he said, is to never interact with unknown users and never to respond to messages asking to follow some link or to enter any code.

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Saudi banks, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, all mobile phone operators and the Capital Market Authority regularly send warning messages to the public to avoid responding to such messages because they can carry programs that pull data from phones.


People are advised to ignore such messages and report the suspicious message to the unified number 330330 via SMS. He added that there had been a positive response from the public about the awareness campaigns. If users suspect their bank details have been hacked, they should call their bank to take the proper action such as canceling bank cards. Users should make sure that they never reveal their bank account password or card details.

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