More than half of UAE employees take work home

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Something big has been happening in many working individuals’ lives over the last decade — a phenomenon termed the ‘working vacation’. This is a syndrome wherein you are seemingly on a holiday but find yourself regularly checking on work emails, attending to office tasks and generally blurring the lines between work and vacation. There is also another term for this — ‘Leaveism’. What is Leaveism? It’s basically employees utilizing their personal time to do office work. What’s more, it’s prevalent in the UAE.

A UAE study conducted by a Middlesex University Dubai MBA student Lakshmi Nair revealed that more than half the respondents said they have worked during their vacations either several times a day or between one and three times a week.

With technology keeping people tied to their devices and making them be “forever online,” Nair believes the proximity between employers and employees at all times — even outside business hours — has made urgent emails and last-minute work requests very common.

Source Credit: Gulf News Society
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