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Hashem Al Musawi of General Electric

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hat does being Lead Repair Technology Engineer for General Electric entail?

I work as a consultant/advisor for engineers and technicians who refurbish gas turbine components that are used in power plants all over the Middle East and Africa.

I resolve technical and quality issues implementing projects that drive productivity and bring savings to the company and I change current practices to better ones. I also audit the processes and procedures and put plans for correcting and improving the daily work to avoid any nonconformance or escapes.

What are the challenges of your job? And what would you say is the biggest achievement of your career so far?


My job requires me to drive the culture of change and correct mistakes. These two can bring about a lot of conflict with other employees so being persuasive and influential are essential.

I consider joining General Electric through the Edison Engineering Development Program (one of the best graduate programs globally) a big achievement. I did 5 rotational assignments globally and completed different leadership and technical trainings. I used to work for 9 hours and then spend the remaining hours of my day studying and doing assignments.

Technology is my passion and working with robots and 3D printing in my job gives me the push to innovate and be creative.

Your job deals with innovation and coming up with new ways to do things. Where do you get your inspiration? What was the most cutting-edge innovation you have come up with?


Technology is my passion and working with robots and 3D printing in my job gives me the push to innovate and be creative.  My inspiration comes from helping the people around me. I try to introduce new ways of doing things to ease the life of my coworkers.

I enjoyed introducing a robotic measuring arm that was programmed to measure components instead of traditional height gages and calipers. I felt happy when I replaced typical tools and fixtures with 3D printed ones. However, shifting from manual welding to laser cladding was a game changer for the company because we saved time and ensured better quality of products.

Why did you join Manama Shapers?


I always loved to give back to the community and help others. Manama shapers is a place where I found like-minded educated people from different backgrounds who are passionate to come up with new and sustainable ideas that will benefit Bahrain.

I wanted to be part of a group where I feel empowered to introduce new initiatives that can drive change and influence others and I found that in Manama shapers.



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