Heavy rains flood streets, schools and hospitals in Kuwait

Over the last few days, Kuwait witnessed heavy rain which lead to flooding in streets, schools and hospitals throughout the country.

The heavy rains also caused some sewage networks to overflow and large quantities of water were calculated in mainly areas located in the North of Kuwait.

Al Sabriya, an area located in the North of Kuwait, witnessed the highest amount of rainfall, recording around 134 millimeters.

Many took to social media and blamed the over flooding on years of failed planning that lead to poor infrastructure.

The Assistant Undersecretary for the Electrical Distribution Networks Sector, Mutlaq Al Otaibi, said that there were a total of 50 electric outages across the country in a span of a few hours.

Al Jahra hospital was over flooded by the rain, as rivers were flowing down the corridors.

The Ministry of Education advised staff and teachers that work at schools that were affected by the rain to stay at home.

In addition, a football game at Al Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium was interrupted by the rainfall as it flooded the stadium.


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