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Hefty Fines Of Up To BD8,000 Await Tourism Violators, No Court Trials Needed

A future less reliant on oil. Bahrain is envisioning this journey by betting big on its vibrant tourism industry.

Consequently, any attempts to tarnish the Kingdom’s reputation as a premier tourism destination will be met with an iron fist.

Minister of Tourism Fatima Al Sairafi warns that any actions detrimental to this image will be swiftly and effectively addressed without a court referral.

Such persons and establishments will face hefty fines as well as immediate closures.

The move is in line with the newly enacted Tourism Regulation Decree Law aimed at safeguarding this sector.

Under this new law, the Ministry of Tourism is empowered to impose fines without court trials, expediting the process of maintaining discipline and standards across the industry.

This swift enforcement mechanism aims to uphold the quality and integrity of services within five key sectors: hotels, furnished apartments, restaurants, tour guiding, and travel and tourism agencies.

The decree identifies 73 specific violations that can attract penalties ranging from 500 to 8,000 Bahraini dinars (BHD).

Repeat offenders face even harsher consequences, with penalties doubling if a subsequent violation occurs within a year.

Additionally, fines calculated on a daily basis will also double if a repeat offence is committed within three years.


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