The Hidden Beauty of Saudi !

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Dhanyasree shares her travel experiences in Saudi during one of the Eid vacations.

The summer in Saudi, coupled with the long Hajj holidays is excruciating, especially if you are not travelling. The city of Riyadh literally sleeps on those days. We decided to pack our bags in search of some cool zones and the first preference was for Abhah.

The capital of Asir Province is a popular recreation spot for the natives and maintains a mild weather. (The temperature never rises above 35 °C (95.0 °F)) throughout the year. We started during the call of Fajr from Riyadh and reached by Maghrib prayer at Abha.

Our experiences in Abhah definitely shook our concept of the desert country. Each nook and corner of the city was mesmerizing.  The major attractions in Abhah are the Green Mountains, Al Soudha Cable Car, Al Habblah Village and the Mountain Market.

No Nightingale did ever chant, More welcome notes to weary bands, Of travellers in some shady haunt,  Among Arabian sands:   (The Solitary Reaper: William Wordsworth)

On our way to Al Soudha, the longest cable car in Abha, we took a wrong turn. Even before we could regret our mistake, the path ended at an open ground where a wave of golden grass danced onto the outlining mounds at the far end. The nameless flowers were flushed with bright golden colors with bounteous green at the edges. Houses, built in traditional style proudly stood at their corners in their leisurely slumber.

It was a scene out of pictures, classic movies and beautiful dreams. We forgot our destination and the clear blue sky made the heavenly sight more hypnotic for us. Silver clouds floated in an entrancing wave above the golden waves of flowers.

The whole scene captivated the desert traveler in us, who came out of the heat of the land. It was as if the great painter had poured the remaining colors into the clouds after painting his beautiful sketches onto this landscape.

Just like the many hidden beauties of Saudi, this land has also kept its charm until today. Presently, the political scenario has reduced the number of visitors into the mountains. However, if you are in Saudi during summer, Abhah is a must visit place, and you can always dream of getting deviated from your destined path.


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