‘Hire and fire’ policy for Omani workforce will boost jobs

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A ‘hire and fire’ policy may be the best solution to boost employment for the Oman workforce, according to the Chairman of Anvwar Asian Investments. “I would say that the government should come up with a hire and fire policy. When we say that Omanis don’t work, I disagree. Omanis do work hard,” said Anvwar Al Balushi. However, he believes that the rule will prove to be very effective for those who aren’t working properly.

“The ones who aren’t working hard enough may be doing so because the hire and fire system isn’t there, and then they become lazy”. He added, “If that system is there, it tells the Omani that there is no other way. You have to work hard or else you will be fired.”

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“Right now there are approximately 55,000 graduates looking for jobs and the government is trying to support them by asking the private sector to provide jobs,” said Anvwar Al Balushi.

Source Credit: Times of Oman


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