Holoportation: the future of communication?

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Forget Facebook, Skype and Snapchat, a professor in Dubai believes “HoloPortation” will be the new social media craze in less than a decade. The honorary professor at Amity University and founder of Dubai Solar Schools, David Provenzani, said humans will be able to teleport anywhere through holographic figures of themselves. The virtual meetings can be recorded, which means users can send or “post” their interactions to other humans, and play it back as “memories”.

“This will help with communicating with people that are physically distant to us. HoloPortation is an example from Microsoft and I can suspect that, within five to seven years, we will have technology that we can apply to our house and HoloPort ourselves in another room, to have a meeting, to talk or to interact with family and friends,” said Provonzani.

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“I would suppose this would be the new social network. So, now we use Facebook, where we share photos and videos, but in the future, we will post our HoloPortation sessions because you can record them and play them back as memories.”

Source Credit: Khaleeji Times


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