“Hope for Tomorrow” – The Announcement of Candidacy for the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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With the slogan “Start Tomorrow Today”, eleven active community members and business people announce their candidacy for the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Eleven businessmen and women have announced their candidacy to the board of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) under the coalition name “Al Ghad” (Arabic for “Tomorrow”). The coalition’s spokesperson Hamed Fakhro, an experienced entrepreneur, active writer, and community member joined the BCCI board last term as an independent candidate.  He soon realized the power in numbers to efficiently enact change and support policymaking, a role the BCCI has been criticized of failing to do in the past.

Fakhro said “We decided to run together as we have immense respect for one another and a history of excellent communication and healthy debate. Our joint passion for problem solving and each member’s inherent commitment to the values of transparency, accountability and efficiency made it an easy decision to run as a bloc”.

“The variety of the fields we work in means we can represent all sectors of businesspeople in Bahrain”. –

Coalition member
Eman Nooruddin

The coalition members have between them over two centuries of experience in the business world and in various industries, though they are the youngest group of candidates for the board this term. They believe it is now the responsibility of the current generation of businesspeople to represent business needs and inform economic policy. Coalition member Abdulrahman AlMoayed said his career prepared him to give his time and effort back to the community. “Our plans for the BCCI are active and ambitious- we are committed to represent Bahraini businesspeople for the betterment of our economy, as their concerns are our concerns”.

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The “Al Ghad” coalition expects the BCCI to resume its responsibility working to propel the entire Bahraini economy. They stressed the need for constant research to inform healthy economic policy and continuous collaboration between government, parliament, and enterprise to create sustainable regulations. Their platform includes a promised 24/7 “Open-Door-Policy” and transparency in reporting research findings. They stress the need SMEs have not only for funding but for accessible information, a network of contacts and a support system, like legal assistance and liaisons to government.

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Coalition member Eman Nooruddin said that “The variety of the fields we work in means we can represent all sectors of businesspeople in Bahrain”. As a business coach, Nooruddin has broad and firsthand knowledge of obstacles businesses face and opportunities for growth.  Running alongside her, Hamed Fakhro and Abdulrahman AlMoayed in the “Al Ghad” coalition are the experienced business people who teamed up with Hassan Kaiksow, Hatim Dadabhai, Mohammed Shirazi, Mohammed AlAali, Mohammed Mustafa AlKooheji, Yaqoob AlAwadhi, Omar AlKhan and Ali Lari.


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