Horrifying moment groom beats new wife at their wedding in Uzbekistan

This is the horrifying moment a groom beat his new wife at their wedding after flipping out when the bride won a game during a toast in Uzbekistan.

The newly betrothed couple were on stage at their wedding reception when the toastmaster made them take part in a competition.

The bride won the unspecified game, and when the groom realised he had been bested, he angrily struck her hard on the back of the head with his fist.

The shocked and distraught bride put her hand to her head, before she lifted her white wedding dress from the floor and was led off the stage by two other women.

Meanwhile, the best man standing alongside the groom also appeared shocked before fidgeting nervously with his phone as party music continued to play and disco lights flashed around them.

The groom remained on the stage, as if nothing had happened, staring out across the silenced crowd who moments before had been cheering the couple on.


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