Hospitals, clinics across UAE slash prices of COVID-19 PCR tests

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COVID-19 PCR tests across UAE are now available at cheaper prices.

These highly accurate nasal swab tests would typically cost Dh370 but now, rates have gone down to less than Dh300. In Abu Dhabi, the Department of Health (DoH) has capped the price at Dh250.

According to sources, the DoH circular titled ‘Diagnostic test for Coronavirus (Covid-19)’, states: “Please note that the cost of the PCR test is updated and shall be covered by the individual directly, with a maximum amount of Dh250 for cases with no symptoms or medical indication for testing.”

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The test remains free of charge for those suspected to have contracted the virus and others who are classified under vulnerable groups.

Other healthcare networks across the country have also slashed their PCR test prices.


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