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How AI Will Change the World by 2030, According to Experts

By 2030, Artificial Intelligence could be looking after our elderly, making films and teaching lessons — or it could have wiped out the human race. These are the wildly different predictions from eight AI experts from the US and UK, who predict how the technology may change our lives within the next decade.

It comes amid growing calls for regulators to put the lid on the development of AI, amid fears that it could lead to waves of job losses and render us obsolete. AI technology could become so good that it will start to generate entire films within a day, predicts the New York-based writer of the Apple TV Sci-fi series Silo Mr Howey. He said it was only a matter of time before AI tools were capable of making films.

  1. Teach lessons- AI has the potential to transform the education sector and tailor lesson plans to classes. Children could soon have their own personalized AI tutor who will deliver lessons tailored to the areas they are struggling with.
  2. Wipe out the human race?- AI ‘doomer’ Eliezer Yudkowsky has bet AI will wipe out humanity. Amid suggestions that AI will improve our lives immeasurably, there are also experts warning that it could end the human race by 2030.
  3. Boost the world economy’s value by nearly a fifth- Experts also suggest that AI could boost the value of the world economy by $ 15.7 trillion by 2030, or more than the value of India and China’s economies combined and up by a fifth compared to current levels. The prediction was made by analysts working at the ‘Big Four’ accountancy firm PwC, which is based in London.
  4. Solve the energy crisis- Experts have also suggested that it could solve the energy crisis. There are also suggestions that AI could help to solve the world’s energy crisis by 2030. The most recent energy crisis was sparked by a combination of the Ukraine war, leading to blocks on fossil fuel imports from Russia, and the sudden surge in demand during the economic rebound after the Covid pandemic.
  5. Achieve human-like intelligence- Predictions also abound that AI could reach human-like intelligence by 2030. Among those making the warning is former Google engineer Ray Kurzweil, a renowned futurist who claims to have an 86 per cent success rate on predictions.
  6. Predict medical problems- In healthcare, AI could predict problems before they happen by 2030, says AI expert Simon Bain, founder and CEO of software company OmniIndex, based in San Jose, California. Mr Bain believes that the future of AI will be services built to answer specific needs. But he adds that these will be very different from the current AIs, such as ChatGPT.
  7. Look after the elderly- Within the next decade, artificial intelligence could have assumed much of the role of looking after the elderly. Experts suggested AI could help look after the elderly, pointing to robots like ElliQ, which is designed to help keep people company.

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