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How to be more productive

With our cumbersome schedules and the constant outweighing of our tasks over our time, it is imperative that we be adept in our niche and make the best out of each task efficiently and to its utmost potential. This would not only assist us in leading a stress-free life, but also provide room for growth while instilling in us a better way to manage time and resources.

Let us discuss 5 ways in which one can be more productive and get work done:

Plan things ahead of time

Planning things beforehand not only prevents us from committing mistakes, but also is a strategy to overcome them so that we don’t waste our time on the initial stage.


Completing a task possessing the utmost importance first helps us execute further plans in an efficient manner and not be a victim of deadlines. This is an imperative skill to have in order to make better and informed decisions.

Delegate/Breakdown the tasks

This is an important step in increasing overall productivity. Delegating or breaking down a task for yourself proves to accelerate its completion and to ensure that everything is getting utilised optimally. This also discourages disguised labourism and procrastination since you have shorter and less draining tasks.

Identify and rectify distractions or hindrances

While working, we come across myriads of distractions which act as obstacles in achieving the desired result. We must keep an eye out for such hindrances and rectify them in order to prevent their reoccurrence and improve concentration.

Set a goal and work towards it

Once we put out a goal to achieve, it becomes easier to work around it. Making to-do lists and day planners assist considerably in pursuing and accomplishing a job so you’re never clueless in approach. A set goal helps you stay focused and diligent while reducing chances of underperformance.


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