How to transfer money internationally from Bahrain?

Early this year, Bahrain was named the ‘best place in the Gulf region’ for expats to live and work, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Bahrain ranked highly across key indicators including quality of medical care, ease of settling in, and job satisfaction.

Many expats in Bahrain remain in the Kingdom for several years because they are working to support their families they left back home as well as to create a better future for when they return.

If you are an expat, you are not unfamiliar with the act of sending/transferring money internationally. Today, we look at the different ways to make international money transfers from Bahrain.

Western Union

Western Union is an American multinational financial services company that allows expats to make money transfers as well as money exchanges.

There are three methods to make money transfers from Western Union: in-person, online, and mobile application.

For instructions on each method, visit Western Union’s website.

NEC Remit

NEC Remit allows expats to send money to India and Philippines within minutes. To transfer, visit the nearest agent by using their branch locator. NEC also provides an online app service which can be used to transfer funds.

For more information, visit NEC’s website.

Bahrain Financing Company (BFC)

BFC provides currency exchanges as well as smart, safe, and fast ways to send money internationally in-person, online, and through their app.

For more information on how to transfer online via the BFC Smart Money or via the BFC app, visit their website. For their branches and timings, click here.


bWallet is a digital mobile wallet app, Powered by Batelco and Arab Financial Services (AFS). It enables quick, secure and easy payments through your smartphone.

The International Money Transfer Service allows users to send money to bank accounts, eWallets, or individuals in several countries including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Philippines. It uses the Mastercard Send payment service.

For more information on how to transfer via bWallet, visit their website.

UAE Exchange

UAE Exchange is a UAE-based company dealing primarily in remittance, foreign exchange and bill payment services.

To transfer money, you can visit the nearest branch by locating it through their website. You can also make use of their online money transfer service and instant money transfers by logging on to Xpress Money.

Zenj Exchange

Zenj Exchange has a wide range of remittance products and services including international online remittances, SWIFT transfers, and mobile APP remittance from home.

To transfer, you can visit one of their branches nearest you or visit their website.


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