How Will AI Change Our Lives?

The meteoric rise of ChatGPT has been a watershed moment for artificial intelligence as it enabled millions of users, regular people, to experiment with AI and witness its astonishing capabilities first-hand.

And as Statista’ Felix Richter notes, while there are still limitations, ChatGPT delivers impressive results, making people aware of how far artificial intelligence has already come.

It’s no coincidence that both Alphabet and Microsoft named the shift to AI as one of the biggest challenges their facing when they announced their restructuring plans earlier this month.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella even spoke of an upcoming platform shift, likely referring to AI-enabled services as the next big change in tech after the shift to mobile.

But what do consumers ultimately expect to change due to the increased use of artificial intelligence and which areas of life will most likely be affected in the next three to five years? Ipsos carried out a global survey on the subject in late 2021 and the following chart sums up the results.

“[AI] is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.”



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