Dubai: Hyper-Luxury Bugatti Tower Will Have Its Residents Drive Up to Their Floor

Luxury brands Bugatti and Binghatti have come together to build a sky-scraper residence in the heart of Dubai. The 42-story building will be extremely abundant and will be marketed towards wealthy customers from around the globe.

“Two of the most illustrious brands in the luxury automotive and real estate industries unite in an unprecedented collaboration. BUGATTI in partnership with BinGhatti unveils an icon that the world has never seen before – a legacy to create the incomparable,” said Bugatti.

Bugatti, established in 1909 as a luxury car brand, is known for building some of the world’s fastest cars. Binghatti is a Dubai-based realtor known for modern architecture.

Bugatti Residences will feature 171 mansions and 11 penthouses, all of which have unique interior designs and architectural layouts. The world’s first Bugatti residence amenities include a Riviera-inspired beach, private pool, jacuzzi spa, fitness club, chef’s table, private valet, and private members club.

The most exciting features of the building are the two garage-to-penthouse car lifts which the residents can use to bring their vehicles up to their apartments and park them there. But this isn’t a new concept. Porsche did it in 2013 when it launched the Porsche Design Tower in Miami, which had a similar garage-to-penthouse facility for its residents.

In a press release, the companies mention that both brands were inspired by the French Riviera, a famous tourist destination that speaks for expansive beaches and has a luxurious appeal. Other facilities include tailored services such as chauffeur and concierge services. The project was revealed by Bugatti Rimac CEO Mate Rimac and Binghatti CEO Muhammad BinGhatti at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on May 24, 2023.


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