Illegal smuggling of workers in Oman, a serious situation

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Ahmad Rasheed, a Pakistani national, who entered Oman illegally one year ago, hunts for odd jobs every day. When he finally arrived in Oman’s Shinas province, Rasheed was greeted by a fellow Pakistani national who hid him and the others in a farm for two weeks before heading to the capital.

Job opportunities for illegals are hard to come by because of the large volume of illegals competing for jobs—most coming from Pakistan, Iran and Yemen but also from India, Bangladesh, Somalia and Afghanistan.

“I regret now coming,” Rasheed said, adding that he can’t even afford to eat some days, even though a cheap meal costs only 700 Baiza. Rasheed is planning to stay for another six months and if his situation does not improve he will hand himself over to Omani authorities for deportation.


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