India: Doctors remove steel cup from man’s rectum, inserted as prank

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Doctors have removed a steel cup from a man’s rectum ten days after his friends put it up there as a drunken prank.

The 45-year-old from Balipadar, India, had the substantially sized object removed via surgery at a local hospital.

The incident, which took place on 19 August, apparently happened when the unfortunate man was out drinking with his friends at Surat in Gujarat, an Indian state which prohibits alcohol. The victim’s friends said they inserted the sizeable item up his rectum whilst he was in an ‘inebriated state’ as part of a ‘prank’.

The cup is around 3-4in (8cm) in diameter and 6in (15cm) long.

An X-Ray at MKCG Medical College and Hospital in Berhampur city showed that the cup was found stuck in the intestine. At first, the doctors tried to retrieve the cup through the rectum, but then had to resort to surgery due to the sheer size of the object.


Doctors had to cut through the intestine to finally retrieve it. The procedure took around 2.5 hours in total. The unlucky man is recovering after the surgery and his condition is said to be stable. He will remain in hospital for another 4-5 days under observation.


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