India: Minor Structures in Taj Mahal Damaged by Thunderstorm

Gusty wind with heavy showers that lashed Agra Friday evening left behind a trail of destruction in the city. Some minor structures in the Taj Mahal were also damaged.

According to reliable sources, a part of the iron scaffolding that was being used for the mud pack treatment of the 17th century monument of love came crashing down. A red sand stoned “jaalidaar” boundary was also damaged at the rear, overlooking the Yamuna river. It fell on the Chameli Farsh down below.

At the main western gate entrance a stone supporting the arch was loosened, but was restored by on Saturday. The visitors’ gallery at the eastern gate also suffered some damage, particularly the artificial ceiling in the security area.

The 124 km per hour velocity storm ravaged several structures in the city, and caused extensive damage to greenery in the monument’s complex.

The Taj Mahal is closed for visitors due to the lockdown. Conservationists of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) could not be contacted for an official version on the extent of the damage.


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