India Plans First Manned Space Mission And Deep Ocean Exploration In 2025

India plans significant scientific milestones for the coming year, aiming to launch its first manned space mission and its inaugural deep ocean exploration mission reaching depths of 6,000 kilometers by 2025.

Under the auspices of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the project includes sending the manned mission “Gaganyaan” into space for a three-day mission to an altitude of 400 kilometers above Earth before returning.

In this context, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted that alongside rocket launches and satellite deployment, space exploration will positively impact agriculture, infrastructure, communications, and healthcare sectors.

Additionally, India plans to deploy the “Matsya 6000” submarine in 2025 to explore ocean depths of 6,000 kilometers. According to Dr. Jitendra Singh, India‚Äôs Minister of Science and Technology and Minister of Earth Sciences, three Indian citizens will be aboard the submarine for this mission.


Bahrain News Agency

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