India to Use Drones, Planes in Combatting Locust Menace

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It is for the first time that drones and planes will be used to fight the locust attack in India’s Rajasthan.

The locusts have changed their attack strategy this season and are flying at a great height against their basic nature to fly in the low lying areas. Hence, Union minister for agriculture Kailash Chowdhary has requested the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to help the government with planes which can fight the locust menace from a height by spraying pesticides, he informed.

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On Monday morning, the residents of Jaipur woke up to a sudden attack by a swarm of locusts which invaded many parts of the city. The attack was not limited to one colony but was seen in many areas of the city which left the residents surprised.

Officials said that it is for the first time that locusts have invaded residential areas of the city in the summer months.


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