India: Video of Female Japanese Teen Being Molested During Holi Sparks Outrage

A Japanese woman was sexually assaulted by a group of men during the celebration of the Hindu festival of Holi in the latest case of what has become known as ‘Holi harassment’ in India. A video of the teenage tourist has gone viral since the attack on Wednesday, in which five or six men and boys can be seen groping her.

The incident reportedly took place in the capital’s Paharganj area, which is popular with Western backpackers, including Brits. Three people, including a minor, have now been arrested in connection with it. In the video, men forcefully smear the woman’s face with colours and even smash an egg on her head as they shove her between them, all while screaming ‘happy Holi’.

The young woman is seen trying to cover her face and escape the aggressive gang, holding her arms up to protect her face. She can be heard saying ‘bye-bye’ as she tries to evade them in the distressing footage, and eventually slaps one man as he launches himself towards her before slipping down an alleyway. There have also been reports that the victim has now left India, and an email has been sent to the Japanese embassy requesting her details, the police have said.

No complaint regarding misbehaviour involving any foreigner was received by the local police station, Delhi police said in a statement. The video has sparked outrage about women’s safety during the Hindu festival, which is celebrated by people throwing coloured powder and water at each other. For years women have complained about being harassed and groped by men under the pretext of applying colours.


Daily Mail
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