Indian Feast at Saffron Restaurant, Al Areen Palace and Spa.

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Gulf Insider tries out the Indian Feast at Saffron restaurant, Al Areen Palace and Spa.

With its array of spices, condiments and experimental attitude, Indian cuisine gets creative and adventurous. Saffron restaurant at the Al Areen Palace and Spa brings a live imperial experience through their striking dishes from the Indian kitchens. ‘Saffron’ is a traditionally used ingredient in Indian dishes which provides a favorable aroma with an appealing colour. With recognition to its name, the restaurant also imparts similar experiences.

Located at the majestic Al Areen Palace and Spa, the interior of gold and maroon shades welcomes the visitors to an extraordinary platform of a wonderful dining. The restaurant also offers a spectacular view of the resorts grand outdoor pool with their own artistic designs.

Indian Feast

We visited the restaurant to try out the Indian feast. Executive Chef. Janardan Das welcomed and greeted us with some signature and colorful drinks. The feast provided us with an experience to explore the popular Indian dishes. The menu consists of some fine healthy salads, Chicken Biryani and Raita, Lamb Royash, Chicken Tikka, Fish Tikka, Dal Fry and Chicken Butter Masala. The dishes were served along with hot butter naans and rotis, traditional Indian breads.

The different variety of freshly prepared kebabs was an exemplary choice to our taste buds. The tandoori chicken denoted its authentic Indian flavors and spices with each bite. The warm serving gesture and the beautiful presentation was another highlight of their dishes. The ‘Chicken Biryani’ needs a special detailing here as it is prepared in the traditional Indian clay pot which enriches the aroma and the taste. Moreover, what seems more impressive is the good service we experienced during the lunch. We were ensured with a comfortable dining of some tasty Indian delicacies.

The sweet ending to such a perfect lunch was by relishing their ‘Saffron Pistachio Cheesecake’. The well-layered dessert was topped with some almond milk and decorated with saffron, pistachios and rose petals. The cheesy and fluffy cake is a perfect choice after a fabulous lunch at Saffron.

The feast is an ideal choice for business groups who wish to conduct any business meeting and as well as for family gatherings. The pleasing gesture of the staffs and their prompt service right on demand meets the visitor’s expectations. The best Indian ingredients are blended perfectly by the master hands at Saffron. The royal look is well portrayed through the taste and its appearance.

The reservations can be done in advance for any meetings or lunches and the team will ensure to provide the best support and service to carry out the discussions.

Royal Drinks

The signature drinks were the lemon and mint based drink which is a special introduction from “Live Your Life” @ Al Areen Spa and Wellness. It includes a special ingredient of ‘Butterfly pea flower’. The flower has been widely used for Ayurveda treatments and the usage of this ingredient is a clear symbol of the genuine care for the visitors at Saffron.


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