Indian Workers Migrating To Gulf Decline By 21%

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Indian blue collar workers migrating to various Gulf countries for jobs declined by 21% during January-November 2018, compared to the previous year, according to latest data available with India’s external affairs ministry.

The total number of Indian migrants cleared by the emigration department of India’s foreign affairs ministry to the Gulf countries for the first eleven months of 2018 stood at about 300,000.

Emigration clearance is required for only those job applicants whose educational qualifications are Class 10th failed or below and therefore is not an exact reflection of the overall trend in Indians moving to Gulf countries on employment.

Thousands of Indians with higher and professional educational qualifications who are moving to UAE and other Gulf countries are not captured in this data.

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All top five destination countries in the Gulf such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman have seen a decline in new workers coming from India last year.

UAE was the top destination for Indian workers who emigrated to the Gulf countries last year, accounting for about 110,000 of the total workers, followed by Saudi Arabia (about 68,000), Kuwait (about 59,000) and Oman (about 39,000).

Declining work opportunities, lower wages compared to the previous years and tightening of the procedures for sending workers abroad by the Indian government are said to be reasons for the fall in the migration of workers to the Gulf countries, considered to be dream destinations by millions of skilled and unskilled job aspirants from India.

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Labourers, masons, carpenters and technicians were amongst the top category of Indian workers who have migrated to the Gulf countries last year.

Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and West Bengal were the top five Indian states, accounting for a major share of blue-collar workers migrating to the Gulf region in 2018.

Among the educated and professionally qualified employees from India, nurses constitute amongst the large chunk of Indians working in the Middle East.

In the last five year period, 2014 accounted for the highest number of workers’ migration from India to various Gulf countries, at about 780,000.


Source Credit: Arabian Business


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