Why Indians and Pakistanis love to call Dubai home

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The lure of Dubai property has always been too good to resist for investors from the Sub-Continent. No surprise then that Indians have yet again topped the list of non-Arab investors pumping in money into Dubai real estate.

The strength of the Indian rupee against the US dollar in the past year has also helped Indian investors looking to expand their real estate investment footprint into Dubai. “They have heard and experienced the successful Dubai real estate story over the years. The UAE airlines, being a big connector for people from the Sub-Continent to the West, play a positive role as many people do a fly-by-Dubai and with each visit, get more familiar with well-marketed projects such the Palm Jumeirah, Downtown and Marina,” explains Sanjay Chimnani, managing director, Raine & Horne Dubai.

Several Indian investors look at Dubai as a home away from home, with family and friends living here. The ease of doing business in Dubai with good regulation that protects investors and high yields compared to what they can achieve back home are some of the main drivers of demand for Indians.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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