Infracorp Launches Marina Bay, a $200 Million Luxury Residential Oasis on Reef Island

Infrastructure development investor, Infracorp launched Marina Bay – a whopping $200 million investment project nestled in Reef Island, off the Northern Coast of Manama.

On Saturday, 17 June, Infracorp hosted a launch event at the National Theatre of Bahrain to announce the specifics, timeline, and development phase of the Marina Bay project. The event saw Mr Hisham Alrayes, Chairman of Infracorp, and Mr Majed Al Khan, CEO of Infracorp, joined by guests and members of the media.

The project, coming on the heels of Infracorp’s recent successful completion of the California Village Residences in Dubai aims to enhance the standard of luxury living in Bahrain. Design consultants such as AAP Design Construction are collaborating on the development of the project. Parallel to Marina Bay’s development, Infracorp has begun the second phase and completed the first phase of the Marina project at Bahrain Harbour.

“We’re proud to keep delivering important real estate projects that have helped Bahrain’s property and city development. We’re working in line with the government’s plans for economic growth and tourism for 2030,” said Majed Al Khan, CEO of Infracorp.

Al Khan also said, “Our success comes from the unique investment and rules of the Kingdom, which keep shaping the tourism and real estate sectors. This helps the economy grow with our different investment opportunities.”

He added, “The Marina Bay project is part of Infracorp’s plans to grow in the real estate sector by creating sustainable big projects across the region.”


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