International Saluki Dog Show Draws Global Crowd to Bahrain

The International Arabian Saluki Dog Show, held at the Bahrain International Endurance Village, witnessed a vibrant display of canine elegance and cultural heritage. Participants from across the globe flocked to the event, showcasing over 80 magnificent Salukis in various categories.

This second edition of the show aimed to promote traditional sports and Bahraini culture, particularly among younger generations. The presence of international dog show judges and enthusiastic visitors contributed to the event’s success.

Alexandra Sullivan, a participant from Abu Dhabi with her Saluki “Odi,” expressed her appreciation for the organisers’ dedication. “I’m thrilled to be here,” she said. “This is my first time in Bahrain, and I’m impressed by the country’s commitment to hosting such prestigious events.”

Alexandra and her Saluki went on to win several prestigious awards, including Best Male, Best in Show Supreme, and the highest overall honor. Renowned international dog show judge Sharon Littlechild commended Bahrain’s efforts in preserving traditions and promoting cultural values.

“It’s an honour to be a judge here,” she said. “The quality of the competition and the unique heritage associated with these breeds are truly captivating.” Highly recognised judges from the UK also contributed their expertise to the event, further elevating its international standing.

Tarek Juma Salem, Executive Director of the Bahrain Traditional Sport Committee, emphasised the event’s significance in promoting cultural awareness. “We aim to keep our inherited and traditional sports alive,” he stated. “This initiative also seeks to educate younger generations about these valuable aspects of our heritage.”

The International Arabian Saluki Dog Show successfully combined the thrill of competition with the celebration of Bahraini culture, leaving a lasting impression on participants and spectators alike.


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