An Interview With H. E. Cécile LONGÉ, Ambassador (France)

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On the special occasion of Bahrain’s National Day, Gulf Insider takes a closer look at relationships between Bahrain and some of its major trading partners.

What are your country’s main trading activities with Bahrain?

France is mostly exporting manufactured goods to Bahrain and is well positioned on several key infrastructure projects that are essential for the Kingdom. Through 30 companies based in the country, big corporates and SMEs, French expertise is covering all the major sectors (retail, industry, financial services).

Is there anything that makes your country’s relationship with Bahrain special?

Bahrain is regularly ranked first by the French Expatriate Community in the list of countries where life is most enjoyable especially with family. This makes our relationship special, along with the particular affinity repeatedly underscored by His Majesty for our country.

Any interesting news, recent or historical, about your country’s relations with Bahrain?

Pierre Cartier, the famous French jeweler, went first to Bahrain in 1910 in search of the most beautiful natural pearls to adorn the neck of all princesses and queens in Europe at that time.

The French archeological mission was first in Bahrain to uncover the historical heritage of Dilmun and Tylos civilizations: its 40th anniversary was celebrated last month. The cooperation remains unbeatable.

Any short message for our readers on Bahrain’s National Day?

I wish them and all Bahraini Community Peace and Prosperity and I express hope for ever strengthening ties between both our countries and people.


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