An Interview With H. E. Kai Boeckmann, Ambassador (Germany)

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On the special occasion of Bahrain’s National Day, Gulf Insider takes a closer look at relationships between Bahrain and some of its major trading partners.

What are your country’s main trading activities with Bahrain?

Bahrain is importing mainly cars and machinery from Germany, to a value of EUR 443.3 Mio. The exports from Bahrain to Germany, metals, chemical products, ceramic and glassware are EUR 41.4 Mio. I believe there is potential for growth in both directions.

Is there anything that makes your country’s relationship with Bahrain special?

The economy in both our countries is based to a great part on small and medium enterprises. Sports play a big role in both countries. Sebastian Vettel’s victories in the dramatic races in 2017 and 2018 have made the bond between our two peoples even stronger. And yes, Germany and Bahrain are working very well together in the UN.

Any interesting news, recent or historical, about your country’s relations with Bahrain?

German technology can be found in many places in Bahrain. This is obvious when you look at the cars passing on the Highways, but there are less known feasts. One of the newer banknotes in your wallet might have been printed in Germany. And the groundwork for the Bahrain International Circuit has been prepared by German engineering. Some recent news: The Embassy of Germany has opened up a window in the form of its new Instagram channel germanyinbahrain in order to connect to all friends of Germany in Bahrain – and to make new friends.

Any short message for our readers on Bahrain’s National Day?

On the occasion of Bahrain’s Independence Day, Germany wishes the Kingdom of Bahrain a great future, progress and development, and peace and stability for the region. Diplomatic relations between our two countries since 1972 and the German Embassy in Manama opened in 1996 constitute a solid basis for strong ties between our countries.


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