Interview with Lana Al Attar

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Please tell us more about and how you came up with the concept of your organization.

A life coaching course helped give me direction and perspective and it is there I found out that I love helping people that help other people. I would love to set up my own humanitarian relief organization, autism school, and pet shelter, I want to do it all, and at once. But realistically, what I am good at is technology so I thought I’ll technologically boost those individuals/organizations that already do amazing things. I practiced it long enough till I opened a company with the same concept. GudJuju means good magic, we are a digital agency that empowers good.

How can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) make a difference in our world and in the lives of employees?

Think about this, people are expected to be good to other people, take care of the environment and be good for the society, why would this be any different for a company? A company’s sole purpose isn’t just generating money, it has a responsibility towards the world, the environment, its employees and society. A business is a community that is part of a bigger community, we need to help each other in order to help ourselves.

Unlike other traditional work organizations, Gudjuju has a very active role in mentoring and education. Why did you choose this style of management/ leadership?

I love my clients and employees genuinely and I want to bring out their full potential. Gudjuju’s purpose is to empower people. That includes our staff and our clients. To empower them means to enable them to do things themselves and that would involve mentoring and educating them. We consider a job well done when our clients and staff are able to stand on their own feet with or without us.

GudJuju means good magic, we are a digital agency that empowers good.

What are the challenges that Gudjuju faces as a company? What do you want to achieve this year?

One of the biggest challenges we face in the region us lowering the cost for Home businesses, Startups and SME’s. We are currently working on a project called It is a market place specifically designed to lower the cost of having an online shop with inventory & stock management, online sales and credit card & debit card acceptance. Our goal this year is to get as many people onboard that can benefit from this service as possible, empowering people to succeed in their business without breaking the bank.

Why did you join Manama Shapers?

I saw some of the Manama Shapers’ activities on social media, I was curious and asked about what they did and how to join. At my very core I have a vision to change the world for the better, and the shapers were the perfect people to be around to do just that! I applied and met so many like-minded people, together we have done many projects that make such a huge impact on society. I’m honored to be part of the Shaper’s community.


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