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Bahrain: Is it a good idea to invest in real estate?

Kazerooni Heights offers apartments ideal for investors.

As the world slowly recovers from the effects of COVID-19, more businesses and markets have started to open back up. Now may be a good opportunity for investors to take advantage of the real estate boom, with trusted developers such as Kazerooni.

Kazerooni Heights in Amwaj offers investment options that are ideal if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, increase your passive income, and enhance your stability in Bahrain. Here are the benefits of their two investment options…

Get an 8% Return when you invest for 5 years

This scheme offers high returns for 5 years with an income yield of 8% per year. The payment of the income yield is guaranteed by postdated cheques issued by the developer.

The apartments are finished to the highest standards and fitted with world-leading appliance brands. You can also rest assured that you will be provided with a hassle-free property rental and high standards of maintenance.

Get a buy-back option with a 6.5% return when you invest for 5 years

This scheme offers a guaranteed net 6.5% return per year on all operating fees. In addition, this plan was structured to provide protection against a drop in the apartment value after 5 years. All service charges and maintenance expenses will be covered by the developer over the course of your investment period. You will also be given the buy-back option after 4 years.

The apartments offer high-quality modern amenities that are finished to the highest standards. They are also fitted with leading brands of appliances.

It is also worth noting when investing in Kazerooni Heights, you are assured that your return is not included in the apartment prices.

For more information, call +973 3977 0009 or visit the Kazerooni Heights website.


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