Italian Brunch at Rosso’s

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osso’s has a family oriented feel: cozy, comfortable, and nostalgic. There’s an accordion player and a clown who blows balloons and makes magic tricks to keep children entertained. In addition, it’s right next to the dancing fountains which will amuse kids to no end. The bright and airy venue can accommodate both large and small groups. There are big tables for multiple families, and some tables where people can eat alone comfortably. We went for brunch on a very rainy Saturday, and we could see the rain from the big gear windows which made for a cozier experience – wet and grey outside, warm and dry inside! But, when the weather is nice there’s an outdoor piazza where you can dine al fresco.

The interior is based around the design of an authentic Italian kitchen with stone flooring. There are various specialty food stands and stations offering cheeses, and dried meats, a pasta station where you can get custom-made pasta to suit your personal tastes. The cold meat platters held some of the best pepperoni and salami we have tasted which went delightfully with some of the aged cheeses. There was an assortment of freshly baked breads and rolls and attentive waiters supplying diners with drinks of their choice including a selection of wines and beers.

You can order pizza delivered fresh from the oven to your table. Every plate is visually a work of art with color, texture, and flavor perfectly presented. This is combined with the excellent service from the crew of Rosso.

The food is deliciously fresh. I have always loved pickled onions, and I tasted these from the buffet that had been marinated in a spicy honey sauce. They were amazing. I also tried the Italian meatballs – perfection.


The details and planning that went into this buffet was fantastic – and we felt like we were in Italy.

Finally, we indulged ourselves at the ice cream station which featured authentic Italian gelato. We each had two ice creams and even though we are great vanilla fans, the cheesecake ice cream turned out to be stellar and is highly recommended. The toppings added to the experience (we went for grated white chocolate and dried cherries).


Towards the end of our brunch, Theodor Rudiferia, the Italian Executive Head Chef, went around and asked us how we liked our meals. We assured him that we had liked them very much. It’s this kind of care that makes us want to go here again. And for only BD24 net, or BD17 with soft drinks only, it’s reasonably priced. Saturday brunch is from 12-4PM.

For more information:


Art Rotana, Tel. +973 1600 0111



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