Jarada fish Venture

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Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) celebrates the success of Bahraini entrepreneurs who brought their ideas to life.

The idea of this unique project was born in 2003, following a long search for a solution to the marine plankton menace that fishermen faced.  The most difficult type of plankton was the “jellyfish”, as it can cause serious skin burns once it touches the fishermen’s skin.  The jellyfish would also create obstacles for water desalination and electricity projects.

Concerned authorities did their best to get rid of a large number of jellyfish but the problem still persisted.  Mr. Hassan Salman was able – due to his long marine experience – to find a very smart solution that would turn these huge quantities of jellyfish into a profitable project.

From Problem to Solution

He presented his idea, of a jellyfish exporting company, to the Bahrain Development Bank and the project concept received a warm welcome and was financed and supported by the company. Today Jarada Fish exports jellyfish to Japan, Korea and China.  Jellyfish is considered a popular dish in Japan and it is also used to produce chemical fertilizers, medicines and cosmetics.

A vertically integrated harvester, processor and marketer of seafood from BAHRAIN, the Arab Gulf Sea and around the world, Jarada Fish is proudly Bahraini owned. At the moment, it is the largest catcher and processor of salted jellyfish and blue swimming crab offering seafood products “from the source to the plate”.


“My advice to every entrepreneur before they start out on any project is to study the feasibility of his idea and to be directly involved in the business.  I believe that each project, no matter how small, requires serious work and continuous pursuit of development and improvement.  After that, success and profits are the blessings of God,” said Mr. Salman.

The stories of people like Hassan serve as a motivation to institutions that serve to broaden the entrepreneurial base, expand national human resources and provide further employment opportunities with a view of diversifying the economic base of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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